Julie Chimes

In the eighties, Julie, with obligatory shoulder pads and big hair, worked in the media in London’s Fleet Street. Company director, businesswoman and part-time racing driver her world underwent a dramatic change when an ‘out-of-the-blue’ attempt on her life left her for dead. Viciously stabbed repeatedly within millimetres of her life her subsequent survival was considered to be something of a miracle. She wrote a profound, yet humorous, autobiographical account of her experiences, both in and out of body, ‘A Stranger in Paradise’, which is published by Bloomsbury, London. Distributed on three continents and translated into many languages, the story created a wave of positive media attention around the world and was also the subject of a critically acclaimed BBC documentary, which Julie scripted and co directed.Julie has travelled extensively since her dance with death, encountering the weird and wonderful on her quest to understand the mystery and meaning of life. Stepdaughter of the legendary British comedian Max Wall, daughter of one of world’s most beautiful women, and sister to a wonderful man with autism, her zany upbringing in the heart of show business and London’s theatre land gave her a love of finding mirth in the midst of the mundane, a passion for storytelling and a fondness for ‘luvvies’. A gifted speaker, she has addressed and entertained diverse audiences around the world sharing the experiences of her many adventures, with humorous insights on life and death.After facing her own mortality she vowed to ‘try on’ as many lives as possible. At an age when most singers are hanging up their vocal chords, Julie fulfilled her dream of becoming a singer. In what turned out to be the basement of a brothel, she received a highly unorthodox classical training from a booming bass baritone with a passion for opera, red wine and fledgling sopranos. Having conquered her inhibition she sang as soloist in a seven year partnership with a wonderfully talented accompanist, singing for her supper in some swanky establishments around Europe.A ‘chance’ meeting some years later led to a song writing partnership with a delightful man and musical genius. Julie has the feeling she has walked into the most important part of her destiny and the creative alchemy between her and Russell Nash is producing the most exciting work she has ever done.


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