Studio 23

Whether you are professional or amateur performers, musicians or story-tellers, let us apply the Chimes & Nash expertise to help you produce a polished and powerful performance and highest quality recording. 

  • Individual Musicians
  • Choirs
  • Voice Over
  • Record for Your Grandchildren - ask about our bespoke writing service of stories and songs, for all ages.
  • Bands and Groups
  • Ensembles
  • Business Presentations
  • Commercials For Radio
  • Record a Song or Poem for Your Loved One

Studio 23 has attracted an eclectic mix of international clients with a broad range of musical & audio needs. Over the past seven years we have recorded everything from Flamenco to Irish folk, RnB to sacred, soloists, soundtracks, storytellers, bands, choirs, commercials, audio books, and even the occasional political speech.

Studio One - The spacious Live Room, with its domed ceiling and a 1.4 second reverb, has proved to be a superb space for recording acoustic instruments, particularly strings, acoustic guitar and percussion, as well as a great live vocal sound for soloists, ensembles and choirs This room is also equipped with a Yamaha Clavinova 88 key electric piano.​

Studio Two – This fully sound-proofed Dry Room is equipped with a professional live Pearl drum kit, line 6 Flextone 60w guitar amp, Roland Cube guitar amp, Gibson Blueshawk guitar, Fernandez precision bass and a good selection of other electric and acoustic guitars covering most musical needs.​

For live recordings we are able to isolate band members using both rooms at the same time, allowing a full band to record with a live vocal and zero bleed. The rooms are parallel, divided only by a wall with a 2½ by 1½ metre sound-proofed glass allowing musicians to see each other whilst playing/recording in the separate rooms.​

Control Room - Our fully sound-proofed ‘engine room’ is equipped with the latest version of Cubase and a vast array of plug-ins. It has been acoustically tuned to achieve fantastic mixes, one of the few mixing suites where the mix sounds as great on any other system as it does in the mixing room itself. We also have a good selection of dynamic to condenser microphones and additional instruments and equipment for most recording needs. Recording sessions include an audio engineer.​

Recording - Most artists normally arrive with clear ideas on how to achieve their recordings. However, Studio 23 can also offer musical production, arrangements and embellishment for musicians still developing their work. With our own in-house Producer and a roster of many talented musicians, ranging from Classical to rock, we can achieve great productions in all genres and high class Demos.​

Audio Books – We are able to take your writing from page to On line sales, with our audio book recording service. Professional voice-over artists are also available most European languages.​

Mixing & Mastering – This is an essential part of the production process and fundamental to achieving a polished final product. Studio 23 offers professional mixing and mastering ensuring all recordings leaving our studio are as good as any commercially released product.​

Record Your Rehearsals - Studios 1 and 2 are available to professional musicians wanting to record their rehearsals. Both spaces are equipped with full pa systems and microphones and are connected to the Control Room of our digital recording studio. Instruments are also available for rental within these fixed 2 hour sessions and our in house engineer is included in the price.​

CONTACT US - We are happy to discuss your requirements and provide you with initial quotes. Please contact us on this link if you require any further information about recording at Studio 23. We look forward to hearing from you.​

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These two (Chimes and Nash) are a wonderful team. The day I spent with them converting a rather serious poem I had written many years ago (main theme: guilt and remorse!) was astonishing, emotional, uplifting, creatively amazing, very profound ...... and about the most fun I've ever had.

Their focus, attention to detail and genius ear for the music was inspiring, enlightening and ultimately transformational.


Tony Coope

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