JULIE CHIMES – Back in the Day


The obligatory 1980’s shoulder pads and big hair required for working in London media undoubtedly contributed to her success!

Company director, businesswoman and part-time racing driver. However, this did not last as her world suddenly underwent a dramatic change.  An ‘out-of-the-blue’ attempt on her life left her for dead.  Julie was viciously stabbed repeatedly, by a person on a mission to ‘save the world’. Julie’s survival and recovery is considered to be something of a miracle. The fact that she still laughs and forgives continues to attract much curiosity and many questions.



Motivated by finding meaning for what happened, she wrote a profound, yet humorous account of her Near Death Experiences. Titled ‘A Stranger in Paradise‘, written by Julie Chimes and published by Bloomsbury, London.  The NDE story is translated into many languages. It has gradually created a wave of international acclaim around the world. This led to it being the subject of a critics choice BBC documentary, which Julie scripted and co directed. Many readers are  shocked to find themselves laughing out loud as well as crying with compassion for the violence inflicted and the seeming injustice of the aftermath.



Due to continued mystical experiences, Julie travelled extensively, looking for answers. She encountered the weird and wonderful on her quest to understand the mystery and meaning of life. Stepdaughter of the legendary British comedian Max Wall, daughter of one of world’s most beautiful women, Jennifer Chimes, childhood was never dull! Julie had a somewhat chaotic upbringing in the heart of show business’s best talent. Without a doubt, this fuelled her love of finding mirth in the midst of the mundane, a passion for storytelling and a fondness for ‘luvvies’.



Julie has addressed diverse audiences around the world, sharing her  adventures and humorous insights into life and death. After facing her own mortality she vowed to ‘try on’ as many lives as possible. With this in mind, when most singers are hanging up their vocal chords, Julie fulfilled a dream. In what turned out to be the basement of a brothel, she received a highly unorthodox classical vocal training. Her teacher was a booming bass baritone with a passion for opera, red wine and fledgling sopranos. The resultant polishing of her voice and conquering of her inhibition enabled her to perform. A seven year partnership with a talented accompanist, had singing for her supper in quirky establishments around Europe.



Destiny calls when you least expect it. It happened when Julie was on a mission to find a home for boxes of musical teaching aids belonging to pianist friend with dementia.   Three times on the same day Julie heard about a ‘wonderful’ man with a music studio and academy.   She entered his building laden with musical treasure. The owner, looked up from his desk, smiled and said, ‘I’ve been waiting for you!’ Within days of that first meeting, she arranged to record A Stranger in Paradise as an audio book. The creative alchemy between her and Russell Nash had sparks flying. The classical soprano and soul singer found an unstoppable merging of their paths.

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