Western Front - Christmas Day 1914

                                                                          THE INSPIRATION BEHIND THE SONG 

 Past meets Present                        

Christmas Truce (a Song for Peace) was inspired by the men and boys who were persuaded by a massive propaganda campaign,  to serve their King & Country. Julie Chimes created a  character based on stories, diaries, letters and illustrations from the time. They were a record of the unfulfilled dreams  of those brave boys who  never came home.  She took the idea  of a giving  voice to soldier’s final wish to vocalist/musician Russell Nash. After researching the Christmas Truce & music of the era, they together created this Song for Peace. 

Original drawing by Lauren Sebastian ©

                 Wolf & Rich - our Soldiers


The song  gives a hope-filled perspective of the extraordinary happening, which took place in the Flanders Fields along the western front in 1914.  As weary soldiers from both sides of the trenches began to sing  and more and more  voices united, they spontaneously laid down their weapons and dared to venture beyond the confines of battlefield rules.

Nash prepares to 'give voice' to Archie


Candles were lit along some of the trenches and a few Christmas tree branches were waved in place of white flags.  Laying down their weapons, soldiers entered no man’s land and celebrated Christmas with a spontaneous and unofficial truce.  

Exhausted men exchanged gifts, greetings, tokens and laughter.  They gave             each other haircuts and helped to bury the dead of both sides.  Music and voices rang out in the frosted air.  There was even a football game played using ration tins.

As Archie sings his final prayer accompanied by his girlfriend, mother and sisters and soldiers from both sides of the war, including those who have already departed this earth.  Having witnessed the extraordinary events of the Christmas Day Truce, Archie questions, ‘If we can be at peace for one Christmas Day, then why can’t it always be this way?’ With his last breath he dreams of a world where we ’Put aside our differences and dance’.

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Original drawing by Lauren Sebastian ©

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Archie's Song - Dreaming of Home

Chimes & Nash Music Ltd © All Rights Reserved March 2014

Words and music by Julie Chimes & Russell Nash

Arranged and Produced by Chimes & Nash Music Ltd

Lead Vocals Archie: Russell Nash

Additional Vocals & Instrumentals:  Julie Chimes & Sheila Martin

Soldier’s voices:  Richard Laws, Wolfgang Bruns


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