Fourth generation of a musical dynasty, it is no surprise that Russell Nash bounced into this world with a song in his heart and rhythm in every cell of his being. His prodigious talent was recognised at an early age, when he joined the famous Sylvia Young Theatre School. Before he had reached fourteen he was a busy professional performer. Lionel Bart personally cast him for the lead as Dodger in the highly acclaimed musical Oliver and many lead roles followed. He survived being painted gold on the whim of the decadent director Ken Russell, for Salome’s Last Dance, where his training as Dodger helped him side-step some of show business’s more colourful characters. After winning a prestigious USA scholarship for method acting, he outgrew the tedious need to smoke cheroots and emulate the Brando’s and De Nero’s of celluloid royalty and decided to return to his musical roots.

In a garage rented from his father a young band emerged and fame found him again. Commissioned as a professional songwriter for a top label, he eventually formed a new band, where his charismatic presence, smoky lead vocals and new album, The Chancer had the critics once again rocking in the aisles. Driving an expensive piece of kit through London one day, riding on the crest of the fame and fortune wave, he had a premonition that all was about to change in his life. Within weeks a surprise studio takeover by one of the industry giants rendered his contract null and void and his musical career stranded in a legal no-man’s land.

He decided to reinvent himself and learn to surf the waves of southern Spain. Fatherhood fuelled Russ’s passion to empower youngsters to find their own authentic voice through musicality. He founded an Academy and Recording Studio, which has attracted clients of all ages and nationalities. Russell’s greatest gift to his students goes far beyond musical and vocal technique. His own genius and enthusiasm brings forth the talent and originality in everyone who is lucky enough to walk through his door.

A decade ago a soothsayer told Russell that one day a woman would walk through his studio door with a book under her arm. A musical partnership would be formed and the book would become songs and the songs would be sung on the stages of the world. As a confirmation of destiny, he was instructed to ask the woman when she arrived in his life, if the UK town Leamington Spa had any significance. When, ten years later Julie Chimes arrived in his studio clutching her autobiography, A Stranger in Paradise, he posed the question. “Leamington Spa?” Julie replied smiling…..”That Russell, is where I was born”.

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