We are passionate composers and love nothing more than finding the right ‘voice’ for our clients and audiences.  Whether a film score, song, orchestration or a fragment of a poem, bring us your creative challenge and let’s make fabulous music together!

Music can make the most fantastic gift, legacy and add depth to any project.

A modern saint once said "When you learn how to listen, every star in the heavens is singing to you and even a pebble on the pavement has a song".

As songwriters, we know that if we listen to your brief we will find the song of your soul.​

  • Let us write your love song for you.
  • Let us tell your Grandchildren some of your life story.
  • Let us make your product come alive with a fantastic score.
  • Let us work with your film script, allowing your characters and story to uplift, inspire and enchant your target audience.
  • Help make your training films and conference presentations memorable, moving, unique and fun!​
  • Agents - Our experience as professional performers enables us to understand the creative needs of your clients.
  • Our breadth of experience enables us to compose across most genres of music.

We are very easy to talk to - honestly! In fact, we love nothing more than a good discussion to help facilitate bringing your creative vision into reality.  CLICK HERE to get in touch.


We take our clients to favourite places, where we can relax, listen and get to know one another, which is an essential part of our creative process.

Then back to the studio - we love the feeling of opening a new project.

Ms Chimes gets her pen out and the lyrics begin to flow...

Those who have experienced the 'studio' experience, tell us it is so much fun!

Stepping into the world of Chimes & Nash Music is like stepping into a fun factory. The moment you enter the studio the energy and enthusiasm is contagious in the most fabulous way.  It was absolutely one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Their combined musical talent is extraordinary and nothing gives them more pleasure than sharing it.

Debs Evans

Our fabulous team offer all aspects of musical, lyrical, artistic, film and practical expertise, to enable your vision, ideas and projects to take flight.​

Then Mr Nash usually takes to the piano and the music just flows from his fingertips....and in the joy of these moments, harmonies and hooks find their place....

CLICK HERE to get in touch.​

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