A Stranger In Paradise

by Julie Chimes

A Stranger in Paradise - Bloomsbury London

A Stranger in paradise is the true story of a near death experience and its shocking aftermath. Published in many languages and distributed world-wide, it has received critical acclaim and instigated debate and discussion that continues to this day.

Available as Hardback and Paperback, Large Print & Kindle/e-book.  Audio book with extra new material read by Julie coming very soon.  Signed & Dedicated copies available Click Here.

Once upon a time I was stabbed repeatedly by a paranoid schizophrenic who believed that by killing me she would save the world.  As both the world and I remain, I am unsure as to whether her mission was a success or failure.  It would be true to say she almost managed to kill me but death was not quite what I expected.  I promised to write it down...my book A Stranger in Paradise was born.

THE TIMES  -  A brave and admirable account of what has made her life worth living...full of original and quirky touches.

THE OBSERVER - Julie's story is an affecting one...its images creep into the brain and don't leave.

MAUREEN LIPMAN - A remarkable woman and I'd love to meet her one day. Her attitude to her ordeal and its aftermath is without rancour or bitterness and I found her recall and then the style in which she recounts it quite exceptional. It's also a fine love story...I was shocked, intrigued and uplifed.

More about the Story....

Julie Chimes was questioning the meaning and purpose of her seemingly ‘perfect’ middle class British life. She received the answers during a shocking ‘wake-up’ call. In her rural cottage home she was the target of a paranoid schizophrenic on a mission to save the world. On the receiving end of a stabbing frenzy she was fast tracked through the door marked ‘Death’ and Into the realms beyond her physical body.

Julie experienced a series of revelations under the witty guidance of her rapping, foot-tapping Guardian Angel, Veritas and his Cosmic friends. Commanded to return to her punctured and exsanguinated body, life as she knew it was irrevocably changed. Career, financial stability, relationships, home and family were all eventually left behind.

In her quest to regain health and hold onto her newly discovered perspectives, Julie was pitted against an army of modern day legal, religious and medical ‘demons’ - perhaps none more harmful than her own step-father. With continued guidance from Veritas Julie faced these many challenges and adventures both within and without time and space.

With the vivid memory of a past life in 12th Century France awakened, everything that had happened to her began to make perfect sense. The division between this world and the next was gradually dissolved and Julie emerged some years later with a smile on her face and a song in her heart.

Having shared the written word Julie is now working in partnership with the gifted Russell Nash to create and share the fabulous music of her Divine experiences and subsequent earthly adventures....watch this space for news!

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