Sheila Martin

Born in the exotic wilds of Rochford in Essex, Sheila spent the formative years of her life desperately trying to ignore the urge to wear white shoes and dance around her Mothers handbag. However, her love for music couldn’t be ignored and at the tender age of 7 she made her debut performance singing ‘Where is Love’ from the film Oliver. Unfortunately, it was not a question that was easily answered and she spent many years thereafter in search of a good husband whilst pursuing a number of mundane and pointless jobs, where she was frequently compared to Elizabeth Tailor and Joan Colins by her somewhat older and rather lecherous, male colleagues. As the years slipped away, her days of singing solos at school concerts and dreaming of a career in the limelight, dimmed into a distant memory. After an exhaustive search and much heartache, she finally married the man of her dreams at the ripe old age of 34.

As she settled into married life, she indulged her love of interior design by completely re-decorating her husband’s bachelor flat in a vain attempt to finally rid him of his philandering ways, whilst also working hard in their Spanish Tapas restaurants and dividing her time between Spain, Wales and Kent. As the penny finally dropped that she was working her nuts off for a good for nothing two timing son of a bitch and not even getting paid for it, she took the bold decision to run away to sea and spent the next three years living on a boat and sailing around the Mediterranean, enjoying the sun and sea but not the right hook of the mad French captain.

Back on dry land, Sheila re-trained as a beauty therapist and opened up her first salon in the sophisticated hub of Stonehaven, Aberdeenshire, where she shared her knowledge of organic skin care with the beautiful but weather worn faces of the local farmers (and their wives). But fate was not finished with Ms Simmons (as was) and soon she was back in the land of the married folk and enjoying sharing her life with someone who actually loved her. This newly formed partnership decided that life was too short to be spending the day removing various lengths of hair from a variety of ugly body parts and that a career on the internet was the modern and much less messy way of providing an income. And so it was that much studying of Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, Social Media and Web Building took place and lo, an internet expert was born. Life in Scotland became far too chilly and so a decision was made to move to sunnier climes in Southern Spain, where Mr Martin pursued his dream of making flamenco guitars and Mrs Martin decided to find her voice and finally fulfil her life long dream of singing for her supper instead of cooking everyone else’s.

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